About the project!

AlgoCats is a real OG project that originated in the Reddit days.
It comprises of AlgoCats V1, AlgoCats V2 and the upcoming AlgoCats V3.
The second half if 2022 saw incredible growth and development with the V2 collection selling out with a 4x mint price floor.
A few V1s have been held back for surprise shuffles, important as both V1 and V2 AlgoCats earn the project’s native token $MEEEOW. $MEEEOW tokens are distributed based on rarity but all cats earn them and can be used currently for raffles with new uses due to be rolled out this year.
There is also a Discord game allowing holders the chance to win more $MEEEOW once a day!
 Now is the perfect time to enter this superb project and community before the V3 kicks off!!

Rewards and giveaways

The whole project is based around community involvement, decision making and transparency with no major decision being implemented unless voted for by the community.
  • 20% of primary sales income is reinvested for the community into whatever is voted for by the community.
  • Voting also takes place to decide giveaway prizes and decisions that affect the future of the project.
  • Weekly benefits include a public giveaway, holders giveaway, shuffles, rumbles and voting.