Types of AlgoCats

Gold AlgoCat

  • The rarest type of AlgoCat. There are only 2 gold AlgoCats in the entire 500 GEN1 collection. Both gold AlgoCats have been distributed and will no longer be available through normal drops.

Silver AlgoCat

  • The second rarest type of AlgoCat. There are only 4 silver AlgoCats in the entire 500 GEN1 collection. All silver AlgoCats have been distributed and will no longer be available through normal drops.

Rare AlgoCat

  • As the next rarest AlgoCat, rares are the scarcest thing left via drops. Only 50 total rare AlgoCats exist in GEN1.

Classic Algocat

  • The quintessential AlgoCat. There are a total of 194 in the GEN1 collection.

Special Algocat

  • In addition to new unique cat and background colors, special AlgoCats offer loads of colorful traits not seen anywhere else in the entire collection. In total, there are 250 special AlgoCats.


All AlgoCat holders will be elligble for rewards. The more AlgoCats you hold, the more rewards you can earn! Start your collection today. A snapshot will take place just before Gen2 release date. An announcement will be made so holders can be prepared. If during the snapshot, a holder has an AlgoCat listed on a secondary market, that AlgoCat will not count towards the following rewards:

  •  Tier 1 – Holding one first generation AlgoCat during the snapshot will earn access to a holders only shuffle upon GEN2 release. 
  • Tier 2- Holding three first generation AlgoCats during the snaphot will earn you access to the holders only shuffle. In addition, if you purchase from the holders shuffle, you will recieve a second Gen2 piece for FREE. 
  • Tier 3 – Holding five or more first generation AlgoCats during the snapshot will earn you one FREE Gen2 piece, AND one FREE special custom NFT. Holders in tier 3 will also have access to holders only shuffle, and recieve a special AlgoCatVIP role in our discord server.


Mint Date 3-May-2021.
GEN2 100%

The best thing on this blockchain, it is the people who are in, they are very friendly and love to help eachother.And that’s awesome in my opinion.

Why Algorand?


How do you know that anything that we are telling you here is true? You can check for yourself. All the code for the core protocol is open source. Anyone can review it and contribute to it.


The speed at which blocks are produced, the number of transactions that can fit into a block, and when those transactions are considered final are important factors to consider when choosing a blockchain. For Algorand, performance is and will always be a key focus area for the core development team.


The Algorand Foundation, a non-profit organization that launched the Algorand MainNet, governs the Algorand network and is committed to continuing to decentralize it and put more decision-making into the hands of the Algorand community at large.


Fees are calculated based on the size of the transaction and a user can choose to augment a fee to help prioritize acceptance into a block when network traffic is high, and blocks are consistently full. There is no concept of gas fees on Algorand.